We treat a wide variety of animals here at Bohicket Veterinary Clinic. Any day you may see anything from a horse, pot bellied pig, or a goat. Dr. Shong cares for all the animals at Middleton Place and Magnolia Gardens so it is possible a bob cat, raccoon, hawk, or fox may be our next challenging patient. Of course most of the day is spent treating and caring for our many canine and feline patients.


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“I have taken numerous animals to Drs Shong and Rockwell at Bohicket Veterinary Clinic over the past 6 years. I have found them to have a deep compassion for animals combined with extensive veterinary knowledge, experience, and skill.  They offer treatment options, listen to my thoughts on animal care, and will research unusual problems. They have laughed with me over my pets’ antics, and cried with me when a pet’s time has come to an end. I am a medical researcher and have a high standard of care for my pets, and I trust Drs Rockwell and Shong.”
Dr Pamela Ferguson

“Dr Rockwell and Dr Shong have given the best of care to our many pets since we moved to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, eight years ago. Most recently they have shared their love, veterinary expertise and professional guidance as we have had to make decisions in the care of our three-year-old lab with dysplasia and active allergies. We have appreciated how they have guided us in making sound medical choices with each of our sweet dogs as if they shared in their ownership. We are very grateful for all of the staff at Bohicket Veterinary Clinic.”
– Kathy & Tom Daly


magnolia“Dr. Shong is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated veterinarians I have met. Having had prior work experience at a major AZA accredited zoos, where the highest standards are required for their medical staffs, I can definitely say Dr. Shong easily ranks up there with the best. His expertise with not only domestic animals but the wild and exotic animals has proven invaluable to Magnolia Plantation’s Nature Center in the care of their animals.”
Chris Smith, Zoo Curator, Magnolia Plantation


“Simply put, the best vets anywhere! Working with a rescue group, I have A LOT of cats and kittens to look after and there’s no way I could do it without Jon & Michelle. They always find a way to accommodate whatever crisis has arisen and never say a word when I tell them I’m coming in with two cats and show up with six!  Nowhere will you find two more passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable vets (I like to call then the “House” of veterinary medicine!).  At times when I have had an extremely sick kitten or cat, they would take him home with them to monitor through the night instead of leaving the animal alone in the clinic. This alone spoke volumes to me about the kind of people they are. Several of my cats being alive today only because of Dr. Rockwell & Dr. Shong. I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my beloved furry children.”
Julie Reynolds

“Dr. Michelle Rockwell and Dr Johnathon Shong of Bohicket Vet Clinic treat our pets like their own. We know this from personal experience. They took our seriously ill lab, molly, home with them over Christmas so that they could monitor and medicate her themselves. They postponed a vacation until they were sure our lab, Sara was well on her way to recovery, having saved her life after she ingested rat poison.

Over the years, our respect and regard for them continues to grow. Michelle and Johnathon have proven themselves again and again to be the  most caring, compassionate veterinarians who are absolutely dedicated to keeping animals healthy, extending and saving lives. To that end, they are also committed to being the best at what they do. They do not rely on their many years of experience or record of success but excel in staying current with regard to the latest and best medications and treatments available.

We feel so fortunate to know them as professionals and friends.”
Don & Anna Marie Marshall


“There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Shong and Dr. Rockwell saved my dog, Loomis’, life.  Loomis battled IBD since she was a puppy, and most Vets would have given up on her.  Dr. Shong and Dr. Rockwell continued to work with us, and thanks to them she’s 100% healthy today!  Their intelligence, integrity, and overall professionalism have been very much appreciated through the 3.5 years that I have been seeing them, and they are by far the best Veterinarians I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
Will Dammeyer


“We have trusted our animals to the care of Bohicket Veterinary Clinic since Dr. Rockwell and Dr. Shong began their practice on Johns Island.  The level of care and concern exhibited toward them is unrivaled.  We have had many vets over the years, but Drs. Rockwell and Shong outshine them all.  We consider them friends and ourselves fortunate to have such dedicated doctors caring for our family.”
The Schmidts


“Approximately 15 years ago we moved to Kiawah with our gang of canine friends. Over the years some have passed on and we have added new best friends . We currently are owned by four widely varied breeds of dogs. Obviously we make frequent trips to the clinic. Most visits are for routine care, however there have been several serious problems. Two of these are worth noting. Our miniature schnauzer became very ill and Dr. Rockwell performed various test and diagnosed Georgia with stage two cancer. The location of the cancer was in a difficult area. Dr. Rockwell performed an initial surgery to alleviate Georgia’s pain and referred us to their specialist. Thanks to Dr Rockwell s expertise and her constant monitoring Georgia is a nine year cancer survivor. My best friend Summer, an English Lab was injured on the beach about 18 months ago. Dr. Shong found that she had a partially torn MCL. Dr Shong felt that a soft walking cast, medication and physical therapy (a lot) would be better than expensive surgery that may not be a complete cure. Summer and I have been running the beach and walking the hiking trails for the past year. She s as good as new.

We have referred many of our friends and co-workers to Bohicket over the years. They all thanks us. My wife and I have owned animals all our lives. We have never found vets like Dr. Shong and Dr. Rockwell. They show love and deep concern for every animal that comes to the clinic, be it for the first time or a long time patient. They make every owner feel like they are their most important client as are their animals. The thing is – they mean it.”
Glenn & Jeri St. Germain


“Dr. Rockwell and Dr. Shong are excellent veterinarians who love my “kids” as much as I do. They have been caring for Holly and Genny since I adopted them from a shelter in 2001. When Holly was about four years old, I noticed her limping and immediately took her to see Dr. Rockwell and Dr. Shong. They performed orthorpedic surgery on her and she was as good as new in a few months. They had to keep her for a few weeks during her initial recovery and they treated her like she was one of their own. Dr. Rockwell and Dr. Shong are second to none in regards to their love for animals, research for finding cures and expert surgical experience. I credit them to the long and happy lives of my “kids”.”

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